Two more Caches.. …and a FFTF


Ryeworth04 is a nice little cache up a local pathway that isn’t that widely used.

We planted two more caches yesterday. This brings our total number to five in our local area.

The two new caches are:

Ryeworth04: I’ll be here when I’m back.

Ryeworth5: Water Station

Our latest Travel Bug –  Titanic: Maiden voyage re-run is launching from Ryeworth04.

As expected, the FTF was declared and logged with about two hours!!


A nearby Cache – are first FTF!

But we were quick off the mark this evening.  Getting the hang of the GC website alert feature – we got an email of a cache just down the road from our house.  So off we went and blagged ourselves our FFTF.

Titanic: Maiden voyage – the rerun


The Titanic

100 years on – the mission is for the Titanic to successfully make the journey across the Atlantic to New York!
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App-tastic… but not just yet…

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 09.46.20The Free Geocaching “Apple” App on the Apple App store got a major update today. Apparently too many new features to list!

The free app is limited to nearly caches to your location and locating three apps.

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 09.47.13The question is – when is the paid app going to get a similar update?

You would have thought GroundSpeaks priority would be paid up customers – at £6.99 for the paid app.

Just hope the app is awaiting Apples approval!



Podcast @ GeoCache

I’m a big RSS feed user for my news. And Podcasts for my radio-style news.  So aimless typed in geocaching into my podcast app searcher today. Couldn’t believe it.  Loads of Geocaching podcasts. And some quite professionally done. If not a wee bit American.  [I'm allowed to say that cos I lived in the States for several years - so there.]  Here are two that caught my ear…  …other podcasts are available.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 23.55.01One UK podcast, the UKGCPODCAST I’m listening to as I type. Very British.  Even drink tea whilst podcasting :-)

If you’re not into the podcast thing but would like to listen to the show –  you can listen to the latest episode via the website.

Update:  Just finished listening to the last monthly episode (July) and the guys said there would be no August or September episodes…next one in October.


Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 00.10.26

The Second Podcast I have listened to so far is a US based one. is a podcast by Sonny and Sandy from Sunny San Diego!

The husband and wife team have been doing this since 2005 and they are on show 434!! Very professional weekly show – obviously with a US slant.

The Magic Key

The Magic Key

Magic keys are very rare and hard to come by. If you have collected this key from a cache you are very, very lucky!

The Magic key has mystical powers and can unlock dreams, secrets and hidden worlds!

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First Five days of GeoCaching

day5-1So we’ve been at this Geocaching lark five days. In that time we have…

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One for the Road…

tagsOur three trackable Travel Bugs arrived in the post today.  Ordered them Monday on eBay and they arrived on cue.

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GeoCoin lands in Ryeworth2

geocoin1A lovely geo-coin got dropped off in one of our caches today.

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Cache & Chips

Cleevedon_CrabbingEarly in the morning we set out on a day trip to the Cleevedon beach. Obviously, when we found out that there was a geocache less than 50m away from the pier we just had to get our hands on it! Before we went on our search, however, we went crabbing!

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It ain’t just about the swag, snagging a Travel Bug

img_default_trackablesSo Swaging swapping is all very well.   There is lots lots more fun to be had by tracking your own items around the caching world.  Enter more Caching-Lingo of the Trackables with items such as Travel Bugs, GeoCoins and Cachekinz.

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